Mateusz Zdrzałek


Graphics Designer @ Zespół Szkół Mechaniczno-Elektrycznych in Rybnik, Poland (2015 - 2019)


English (C1)


HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS, JS, PHP, SQL, Node.js, Electron, Vue.js


WordPress, Figma, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, Corel Draw, Blender, Puzzle Flow, Sourcetree


I'm 20 yo Graphics Designer with a passion for web development.
While I was still at school I managed most of our school project websites and got an internship in Spain where I managed Megaexit's product pages. Then I've done some freelance jobs for TECHG where I gained a lot of experience with dealing with clients and their demands (and created a couple of WordPress themes from scratch).
I love games, 3D design and electronics. I'm a hard working person who loves to learn new things.

Work experience

2018 - Internship @ Megaexit, Spain
2019 - Freelance for TECHG, Poland

Multiplayer extreme OX game for up to 12 people on the same board.
Created on Node.js with Socket.IO. Logged users can create rooms for their friends to play with. This game offers customizable player count, board size and number of symbols in line needed to win.
To register you can use your existing Google or Facebook account.
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A library of pre-styled HTML elements. User can create a collection of elements for free to use on their website. All downloadable elements are licensed under WTFPL so users don't have to worry about copyright claims.
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Other projects

Westkop Wordpress Theme (TECHG)

Horseman - Headless Wordpress Theme


JS Customizer builder for Wordpress Themes

Randomowe fakty - curated collection of random facts (Polish only)